Cody Foster Holiday Survival Kit Botox Pizza Wine Chill Pill Headphones Eye Mask Glass Ornaments Stocking stuffer
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Holiday Survival Kit - Glass Ornament Set

Regular price $ 40.00

This holiday season, we need more survival tools in our arsenal than ever before. Make sure your tree is covered with this set of 6 small glass ornaments, including an eye mask, headphones, a bottle of wine, pizza, a chill pill, and a little Botox. Adorn your tree, use them individually as stocking stuffers or as a great host or hostess gift.

These are created by one of our favorite, fellow American designers and are a hilarious addition to your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush.

Measurements: 1.75" to 3”  (6 ornaments in each set)

Materials: glass, glitter & string

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