Music Monday – Girl on Fire

Happy Monday! If you’ve been following the blog, you know February was a pretty big month for me and I’m dedicating this Music Monday to all the women out there who are rocking it to the fullest. Surrounding yourself with such driven and inspiring people creates an amazing synergy I can’t even begin to fully describe.  I feel so lucky to have a group like this in my life to help keep that amazing momentum going.  I have to note, this doesn’t at all pertain solely to those succeeding career-wise but also to those reaching for personal growth, setting goals, obtaining achievements, etc…

As of late, close friends to acquaintances have received promotions, changed careers, had babies, gone back to school, started training for their next marathon (or just started back at the gym, period), opened businesses, achieved new certifications, moved across the country and world, and so on… It’s all about growing, going after what you want – what you’re truly passionate about, pushing boundaries and never becoming stagnant.  The strength of these women – who come from all walks of life, mind you – astounds me.  And so, ladies, this one is for you.



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