Selfless Saturday

Today I was reminded of what incredible people I have in my life and to continue to strive towards selflessness by practicing empathy every day. While we all deal with daily stresses and responsibilities (mine have definitely made me neglect my blogging a tad – sorry!), I think (and hope) we’re all trying to be overall better people.  I’ve particularly been inspired by John “Halcyon” Styn, who recently spoke at a TEDx event and I will feature in an upcoming post, but today my friend Kara inspired me with the following story.  I couldn’t be more proud to call her a friend.

“While waiting for the train, a woman was about to sit in a huge puddle of coffee on the bench, and, as as she was in mid-motion, I grabbed her arm and said “don’t sit there!” She started tearing up and told me about how she’s from Bronx and currently living in the projects and is on her way to an important event and if she sat in it, her day would of been ruined. It pays to treat everyone like family.”

Such a simple, selfless act that changed this woman’s day and potentially, future.  Every day of your life you are part of someone’s story. What you do (or don’t) say or do (or don’t do) makes an impact. How do you want to be remembered?

Be real. Live with integrity. Strive to the be the good memory in people’s stories. Every. Single. Day.



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